Please see below testimonials from some of my students:

“I’ve been having lessons with Sam for a year now, she’s a great piano teacher, she is always patient with me and always makes the lessons really fun. I would definitely recommend choosing Sam as your teacher.”
Jodie Knowles Age, 27

“I thoroughly enjoy my piano lessons each week it’s a great time to escape everything else.”
Molly Lenney Age, 14

“I really enjoy my Piano lessons. I always get to learn songs that I like and I look forward to them every week.”
Abigail Bateman Age, 16

“I enjoy playing the Piano with Sam. It is very enjoyable and I love playing it makes me really happy. It’s brilliant.”
Izzy G Age, 11

“I love playing piano and singing and it makes me happy. I look forward to my lesson each week. Samantha has really helped me to progress over the last four years and I feel I have come a long way since I started.Thanks for being a great teacher.”
James Gordon Age, 28

“Samantha is always happy, encouraging and patient. She has given me the confidence I didn’t think I had. She’s not only an excellent teacher, but a very talented musician.”
Cathy Day, Age, 44

“I enjoy Sam’s lessons because she is fun to work with and always makes the lessons enjoyable. I look forward to my lesson every week and go away with a smile on my face!”
Stephanie Vernage Age, 24

“I think that Samantha is a good teacher because she is very efficient but at the same time very fun. I enjoy coming for lessons because she ALWAYS has fun tips and tricks for memorising.”
Timi Age, 10

“My piano teacher Samantha is the best, she teaches me my songs. She is fair and fun at the same time in every single way. I even won the School talent contest and I am proud that I now have a nice golden trophy thanks to her! I like the piano because once you are there you feel so proud and I’m really happy that I can do it. When I’m in my 50’s I’ll get my own piano and impress lots and lots of people! Sometimes it can be tricky, but when you try your best you will get there. Some songs I’ve learn’t are Rock N Roll and others are really groovy…!”
Charlotte House Age, 7

“I like Samantha’s lessons because me and her always laugh every second, and do groovy songs! Sam is a great teacher because she is always making me laugh!”
Robbie Cox Age, 9

“Well what can I say! Samantha is a person that makes music come alive. Her enthusiasm will rub off on you and you will be keen to learn from her in every lesson. It’s always sunny in Samantha’s house!”
Stephen Feldman, Age, 31

“Samantha shows you just how to be like her and you can be in a band like her. She has a new song every single week only if you practice twice a day. She is also very funny and jokeful.”
Daniel Frimat, Age 8

“I’ve always wanted to have Piano Lessons, so after I retired I decided to look for a piano teacher. Luckily I found Samantha, who is so patient and encouraging. She is always happy and enthusiastic so the lessons are much more enjoyable. I always have a great time learning.”
Angela, Age, 69

“I like going to piano lessons with Sam because it is fun and I get the chance to learn songs I like.”
Ben Scott Age, 13

“I really look forward to my lessons with Samantha – She is a great teacher who gives me the opportunity to use my current skills & to improve them. Samantha is very patient with me & is always encouraging, even when mistakes are made. Samantha is very enthusiastic & passionate about music, this makes me believe I can achieve my greatest dreams with singing!”
Blossom Coreira Age, 35

“I really enjoy going to piano lessons because Samantha is a really good teacher and she makes it fun to learn.  Samantha is very kind – if I don’t know the notes she shows me and then I feel like I always knew what to do! Samantha has given me lots of good worksheets that helped me learn to read music. She has lots of fun things in store which makes lessons really fun. The first song I learnt to play was Ob-la-di, Ob-la-da – it looked very hard at first but Samantha helped me learn. At Christmas we made a CD of Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer and I was the singer!”
Eleanor House, Age 8

“I have been having piano lessons with Samantha for roughly 6 months now. I was first drawn to Samantha as she had a fabulous website which really caught my attention. I thought If Samantha was half as good at teaching as her website is, I was in for a treat.
Just to my expectations Samantha impressed me right away with kind warm welcoming into her house. I instantly felt comfortable straight away and was full of excitement as I could see her true devotion to music. Samantha is willing to be patient for all students of all ages and at whatever level the player is. This makes a very easy transition for new players such as myself who can be slightly nervous.
I was also extremely impressed with Samantha’s preparation and how she plans out every lesson . Also Samantha sets comfortable homework exercises to improve my playing in between lessons. Samantha also allows me to choose what songs I wish to learn and have the pleasure of playing my favourite songs to my family.
Most above all Samantha Is an extremely kind, bubbly lady who is very easy to be around and makes piano lessons beyond enjoyable.”
Ryan Age, 23

“Piano is good because you get to learn great songs and it’s challenging and Samantha is really fun!”
Ewan Pickering Age, 15

“I am really pleased with how Ewan is progressing at Piano. He has only been learning for 5 months but I think the standard he has achieved in that time is really impressive. Samantha is very friendly and gives Ewan a good variety of different pieces to play.”
Sally Pickering – Ewan’s mum

“I like piano because Samantha is a great and fun teacher.”
Lucy Age, 9

“I Like piano because it’s fun learning songs that I like. My piano teacher “Samantha” is very kind and I like the lesson because I always go away with something new to learn. Samantha also gives me great stickers for playing piano so well and Samantha is fun to be with.”
Priya Chahal Age, 8

“I love my piano lessons with Samantha because she is nice and easy to work with and I can also learn any songs I like.”
Emily Caincross Age, 9

“Samanthas own book Piano Kins has been a great way for my 6yr old son to start learning to play the piano. He loves all the colours and animation that help keep him interested in moving on to the next page. Just as importantly it provides us with guidance for practicing between lessons. I would definitely recommend it to others.”
Elliot Titre