If you are looking to join a band or perform live then I can teach you to play in an accompaniment style which is perfect for singing and playing at the same time.
I have played in a Rock duo for over 12 years now. It’s great fun, brings me lot’s of joy and has opened up lots of different opportunities for me. It’s never to late to start learning and before you know it you could be performing your own gig.

Check out videos taken at a few gigs performed in my Duo called BEATROOT>>

Our version of Johnny be Good at a Private Party:
All the Small Things (Blink 182) cover by Beatroot

Rocking all over the World (Status Quo) cover by Beatroot

Learning to perform is as important as learning to play piano and keyboard. As a teacher training my pupils to have a full understanding of expression and dynamics in their playing is crucial for development. I will teach and train you how to do this and as you develop your playing skills you will also gain knowledge of how to perform and connect with an audience.


Another aspect of learning piano and keyboard is having the opportunity to play and sing at the same time. This is a great skill and style to learn and will give you the knowledge and training to go onto perform live should you wish to do so.
Playing in an accompaniment style is different from playing melodic arrangements and you will learn the importance of playing chords and will be trained how to play chord song arrangements and will learn to sing over the top. It is great fun and lot’s of my students have gone on to develop this skill and now incorporate this in their lessons.

Not only will you be trained to play in a performing style you will be taught how to sing correctly as well. This will include learning warm up exercises on the piano and singing along to these yourself, working on phrasing, breathing control and learning how to sing with a microphone for performing.

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